A first-of-its-kind program, enabling and showcasing cutting-edge technology specifically curated for first responders.   

  • For Entrepreneurs

    Resources to overcome and excel through the unique challenges faced in the public safety industry

  • For Public Safety Agencies

    Support to pinpoint technology needs, identify solutions, streamline adoption and enable a successful deployment

  • For Industry

    Sponsor innovation programs to revolutionize the way your organization engages with entrepreneurs and innovative technology in the public safety industry

  • Enablement Content

    The resources needed to successfully deploy innovative solutions

    Content and resources built by successful entrepreneurs, experienced agency leaders and first responders specifically designed to help innovators overcome the unique challenges faced when taking a new product to the public safety markets

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  • Connecting Decision Makers

    Streamlining the way innovators collaborate with industry

    A curated network of entrepreneurs and forward-thinking public safety agencies, brought together to solve problems with technology

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  • Showcasing the Results

    Bringing the industry together through a regional event series

    In partnership with State and Local Government, bringing enabled and curated technology directly to the first responders and enabling their adoption

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Industry leaders are harnessing the entrepreneur power.

Learn how your organization can stay on top of the technology revolution that’s moving public safety forward.

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See how entrepreneurs are innovating public safety.

SceneDoc’s mission to redefine the role of mobile technology in public safety. We are proud to be partnering with ResponderXLabs to bridge the gap between what agencies need in the 21st century to strengthen public safety and best-in-class purpose-built technology and innovation.

Agency leaders are harnessing the power of entrepreneur driven technology

  • Consumnes Fire Department

    See how Consumnes is using machine learning technology to give their firefighters the gift of sight.

  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

    See how PBSO is leveraging start-up technology to enable drone solutions

  • Metro Vancouver Transit Police

    See how innovation has helped Vancouver Metro automate data collection.

Our Mission:

Enabling technology to bring needed solutions to first responders. See Our Values