The 3rd Cohort of the First Responder Lab:


Real-Time Augmented Visual Intelligence to Understand Any Scene, Instantly


Virtual Patients & Environment for Portable, Wireless Medical Training


Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Weapon Detection and Alerts


Through-Wall Sensing For First Responders


Autonomous Security Solutions to Deter, Prevent & Predict Crime


Edgybees augments live video feeds with precise geo-information layers captured from any camera, human input or other data source. Edgybees' Augmented Real-time Intelligence™ fuses computer vision, multi-sensor data analytics and 3D video generation to provide a simple visual layer of highly accurate, real-time information for any complex environment. The result is instant clarity and collaboration within even the most complex operational environments.

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Knightscope is a leader in developing autonomous security capabilities with a vision to be able to one day predict and prevent crime disrupting the $500 billion security industry. Knightscope autonomous solutions provide law enforcement and security professionals with new unprecedented capabilities through a combination of self-driving technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help fight crime nationwide with the goal to deter, predict, and prevent crime.

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Lumineye provides wall-penetrating radar sensing to help first responders identify people through walls. Using a radar device that uses signal analysis software to differentiate moving and breathing humans from other objects, Lumineye uses pulse radar technology that works like echolocation. The software analyzes these pulses to determine the approximate size, range and movement characteristics of a signal. The device can detect humans out to 50 feet in open air depending upon the materials placed in between, like drywall, brick or concrete.

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SimX creates professional grade medical simulation software for virtual and augmented reality platforms. The software allows medical teams to replace expensive mannequins with incredibly flexible simulated patients, backed by a robust physiology engine and at 1/10th the cost. SimX is the future of emergency medical training technology.

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ZeroEyes is a security company powered by AI. Lead by former Navy SEALs, this veteran owned business is dedicated to protecting lives, and providing security personnel with the information they need to keep people safe. Developed with a mission to reduce the risk of active shooter threats in order to keep schools and other public spaces safe, ZeroEyes' software helps responders predict, prevent and protect against active shooter scenarios.

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The 5G First Responder Lab enables emerging technologies with the power of 5G.


5G will greatly improve bandwidth and enable real-time high resolution video feeds, location awareness and telemetry data to Command & Control, Communications Centers and directly to First Responders, allowing them to rapidly respond and even prevent active shooter scenarios.


5G to Help Prevent Active Shootings

5G will address bandwidth concerns and enable real-time location and sensory data for emergency rescue operations, allowing First Responders to make accurate tactical decisions in seconds.

Situational Awareness

5G for Safer Response & Operations

5G low-latency & throughput will allow for cloud-rendered VR streaming, and enhance multi-user capability for an expert medical professional to remote into the same virtual space as the trainee.


5G to Better Train & Prepare Emergency Medical Professionals

With 5G throughput and peak-data, Knightscope will be able unlock Machine Learning capabilities for their autonomous security robotics fleet at scale. Low latency will enhance autonomous and self-driving solutions. 5G will enable increased security capabilities to help Knightscope better deter, prevent, & predict crime.


5G to better Deter, Predict & Prevent Crime

5G low-latency, and throughput will significantly increase video streaming capabilities, enable faster processing and enhance real-time AR overlays, critical for real-time situational awareness & collaboration.


5G to Enhance Augmented Visual Intelligence

Verizon is committed to helping first responders.

The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. From critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality, to drones; 5G will enable life saving capabilities that will empower the first responders who protect our communities. Verizon and ResponderXLabs are committed to delivering those vital capabilities as soon as possible. 5G First Responder Lab will help deliver that commitment by working alongside boots-on-the-ground to identify the most pressing needs, and the global entrepreneurial community to source the leading solutions.

When crisis occurs, our firefighters, police, and EMTs put their own lives at risk to save others. It’s a perilous job, and oftentimes first responders must perform with limited resources. Sometimes they are injured or killed in the line of duty. First responders deserve the best technology available to ensure they are safe and effective while on duty.

We’re proud to bring 5G enabled technology to public safety, first. 

5G First Responder Lab will do more than just enable technology; we’ll make sure that technology is what first responders truly need, and we’ll make sure it’s available for every agency. That’s our commitment to public safety.