The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. Meet the first cohort of the 5G First Responder Lab powered by Verizon.

Blueforce Development

All-Channel Access & Total Awareness in Single Pane of Glass

Qwake Technologies

C-THRU - Helping firefighters see in smoke-filled zero-visibility & hazardous environments.

Aerial Applications

Drone solutions to turn visual data into actionable insights

ADCOR MAGnet Systems

Software & hardware specializing in sensor fusion & reality augmentation techniques

Kiana Analytics

Real-time location & situational awareness to protect people, locations, and assets

Qwake Technologies

Qwake Technologies was founded on the belief that innovation has the potential to be a force for good. Qwake's cross disciplinary team builds products that move the needle for humanity and their first product, C-THRU is a next generation augmented reality vision platform purpose-built to save lives. By providing firefighters with the ability to see through zero visibility conditions, Qwake seeks to re-define the future of fire and rescue through computer vision and augmented reality.

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Kiana Analytics

Kiana cloud-based software and patented device detection enhance physical security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions for public safety agencies worldwide. Kiana’s real-time remote awareness platform allows public safety agencies to strengthen physical safety and security and understand citizen behavior.

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Aerial Applications

Turn drone data into actionable insights, linked to assets in a geospatial, map-based environment for effortless access and analysis. Create a system-of-record for every asset and manipulate, annotate, and measure your assets in 3D on the fly and from the ground. Work gets done asynchronously and facilitates remote, simultaneous collaboration on all your assets.

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Blueforce Development

Blueforce provides products and services that enhance life safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable better decisions. For public safety Blueforce enables all-channel access to what’s going on around you so you can make better decisions, faster. Blueforce was built to mitigate the splintered nature of intelligence gathering and break down the barriers to information sharing amongst responder agencies, by fusing disparate sensors and making data securely sharable amongst the deployed team, and distributed command and control.

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Adcor MAGnet Systems

High-tier sensors to detect, identify, track and correlate land, sea, air assets on its digital 3D environment called NEMESIS. 360 optical sensors and security camera products for unparalleled situational awareness with real-time over the internet & cellular networks with a single lens & no stitching. Systems can be placed on fixed structures, moving vehicles (Land, Sea, or Air), & drones/robotics platforms with Command and Control feeds.

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The 5G First Responder Lab enables emerging technologies with the power of 5G.

Blueforce Development

5G will greatly enhance Blueforce’s IoT and sensor networks high capacity, processing and mobility needs and will highlight how 5G will change edge computing for public safety.


5G to Enhance Location & Situational Awareness
Adcor Magnet Systems

Adcor will utilize 5G to to drive low latency & high peak data for real-time 360 video with no image stitching. As well as to enable functional command and control streaming.


5G to Enable a Complete Onscene Picture
Qwake Technologies

Qwake will leverage 5G capabilities of high reliability and throughput to support mission critical technology with life saving abilities.


5G to Support Augmented Reality Solutions
Kiana Analytics

Kiana will benefit from 5G's ability to manage a high density of connected mobile devices, video, and sensor networks through its Internet of Persons (IoP) platform

Smart Cities

5G to Enhance Safety and Provide Strategic Insight
Aerial Applications

5G low-latency would enable Aerial to deliver near real time drone data to command & control and enhance disaster response capabilities


5G to Support Sustained Access to Critical Data

Verizon is committed to helping first responders.

The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. From critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality, to drones; 5G will enable life saving capabilities that will empower the first responders who protect our communities. Verizon and ResponderXLabs are committed to delivering those vital capabilities as soon as possible. 5G First Responder Lab will help deliver that commitment by working alongside boots-on-the-ground to identify the most pressing needs, and the global entrepreneurial community to source the leading solutions.

When crisis occurs, our firefighters, police, and EMTs put their own lives at risk to save others. It’s a perilous job, and oftentimes first responders must perform with limited resources. Sometimes they are injured or killed in the line of duty. First responders deserve the best technology available to ensure they are safe and effective while on duty.

We’re proud to bring 5G enabled technology to public safety, first. 

5G First Responder Lab will do more than just enable technology; we’ll make sure that technology is what first responders truly need, and we’ll make sure it’s available for every agency. That’s our commitment to public safety.